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About us;

We are Dan and Dor Hawes co-managing directors of Binary Bloom CopyWriting Services. Forty plus years in the computing industry combined with the finest training resources we could find have brought us to the forefront of ability to serve the needs of our customers.

Building with stone. The most effective building process known to survive the effects of time. Ever wonder why anything from a castle to a hut that was made of stone is still around. It’s because of the foundation and materials used in construction. They are solid, they took time to construct and they have survived time itself.

This is the philosophy we use to provide our CopyWriting Services. Rock solid processes delivered over a period of time that emphasize the solidity and natural growth of your business. We specialize in small business but the results are the same for all business sizes. Quality craftsmanship always rises to the top with time.

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Thank You,

Dan and Dor Hawes