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Thanks for stopping by to visit. We appreciate your time and interest in our copywriting services and would love to offer up a brief description of what we do, how we do it and why.

My name is Dan Hawes and I am the co-proprietor of Binary Bloom CopyWriting Services. My partner, Dor Hawes, specializes in editing and proof reading. Her ability to pick out anomalies in the flow of words is uncanny. Together we are a family run business located in the beautiful Comox Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

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Services that we provide:


This is our main focus. Everything that appears online or offline in the world of communicating through the written word is CopyWriting. The very first copy ever created appeared on the walls of caves in the form of images depicting life. With the arrival of language came the recording of folklore in storytelling and historical events chiseled into stone. In the form of ancient drawings or as current as the evening news, it’s all copywriting.

Whether it be emails, advertisements, sales pages, web pages or blogging content, we strive to provide copy that not only engages the reader but also leads them to the next step. CopyWriting is an art form that has many different canvases to create upon. We so enjoy framing the picture which creates the story in the mind of the customer that leads to the desired action being taken.

Some forms of copy require a formulaic approach while others require clear concise communication with the feel of a one to one conversation. Varying the approach creates a realistic natural relationship between the words and the reader. Any copy, no matter how good, becomes monotonous without variety.

Great copywriting leads to great relationships and great results.


Perhaps your personal flair for writing is doing well for you and the services of a copywriter are not required. That is a wonderful scenario for you and can only improve with practice. One thing though that every writer needs is a proof reader – editor.

We have a natural tendency to skip over spelling or grammatical errors when we proof read our own work, the mind is ahead of the eyes, telling its own story as it rushes you along. Having an unattached person preview the work is the single best way to see what is hiding in plain sight.

From writing a simple ad to authoring a novel, proofed and edited copy is invaluable to a professionally communicated story.

How We Work:

We work on a freelance basis. The like minded co-operative team mindset of a group of people in business is key to it’s success and we respect that. We have worked and thrived in that very environment for most of our lives. Equally important though is a fresh view from outside the bubble. Working as freelancers gives us the opportunity to develop and carry with us many points of view that we can incorporate into our services.

Continuous education is a primary activity for us. While we are in the business of providing services we also live within the services we provide. Writing copy and conducting SEO for our own endeavours in affiliate marketing, digital product creation and creating sales pages keeps us active in the trials and tribulations of online business.

Certification through the Lurn Inc. Copywriting Academy was the opening door to an ongoing process of support and education. We participate in an active community of CopyWriters worldwide to keep our chops up and bounce ideas off our own like minded widely experienced mentors.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a crucial understanding in some forms of copywriting. We have trained under Kotton Grammer, one of the worlds top SEO experts. Becoming certified through The Outrank Institute was a huge undertaking for us and the rewards from understanding the concept of SEO in writing copy has proven invaluable. While we don’t perform SEO as a service, we can and do incorporate it into our other services.

It is always our goal to engage the curiosity of the reader through diligent research and unselfish creative.

Why We Work:

There are many obvious reasons why we, and everyone for that matter, works. Loving to work is the best reason why.

Dor and I have both had healthy careers in various forms. From corporate professional to entrepreneur, it has been a fulfilling life for both of us. The one thing that always intrigued us both was the power of written words and the influence they can carry.

Writing is what we have learned to love and we rarely see it as work.

When you love what you do, you do it with love.

The Next Step:

If you would be interested in discussing your needs with us we would be delighted to talk to you and see if we can help.

We have a basic discovery form you can fill out to express your needs by clicking the link below.

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If forms are not your thing there are other methods of contact on the Contact Us page of this website.

Thanks again for visiting us here at Binary Bloom CopyWriting Services. It’s a long name but really, we are Dan and Dor – word enthusiasts.

Enjoying life because that’s what it’s for!

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